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Training Services

CanderFitness training programs are designed for those over 21 years of age.


Our fitness programs are created to assist you in turning your current health into your best health.  We’ll start easy, and you’ll begin working yourself to a new level in no time!  We combine cardio, resistance, weights and ab training, along with proper stretching techniques.  All training sessions are virtual (until further notice).

What You Get

  • Live 1-hour personal training session

  • A customized strength and cardio program

  • Meal preparation assistance and nutritional guidance

  • Between session program design

  • Weekly check-in to keep you on track via email, text, phone call

Women Who Run

65 and Older

  • Live 30-minute personal training session

  • Ability to remain independent

  • More energy

  • Improve mood

  • Help fight off heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis

  • Improve cognitive function

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