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PURPOSE:  Our purpose is to ensure every fitness experience is fueled by passion.

MISSION: To meet clients where they are physically, and provide inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

VISION: For every client to achieve individual fitness goals, and adapt to a weight management lifestyle.


Lisa M. Thompson

I’ve entrusted Charlene with my fitness and healthy eating goals for the last 9 years.  She is professional, but firm, and she gets results!  Charlene has challenged me and introduced me to workout routines that I never imagined ever physically being able to achieve.  She has also given me the confidence to build strength and stamina to perform at a greater level of fitness.  Charlene has been a Godsend in my life and I highly recommend her services.

Evonne Clark

After my knee surgery, Charlene combined my physical therapist’s techniques with her physical fitness program for me.  Her dedication and encouragement helped me regain my confidence and strength. Everyone should have such a trainer! 

India Lee

The 60 lbs I gained after the birth of my 4th child depressed me.  My mother recommended her trainer, Charlene.  Not only did Charlene help me lose weight, she worked with me on healthy eating.  Her commitment and encouragement during our workouts helped strengthen me physically and mentally. I loved working out with Charlene so much I would show up at her door with my 1 year old daughter, ready! Choosing Charlene as my trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

Tiffany D. Wilson

When I started training with Charlene, I was out of shape, overweight and physically weak.  She motivated me to care for myself, and challenged me to push myself to do things I never thought I could do. Charlene's warrior spirit and encouragement, helped me make better food choices.  In the process, I lost over 40 lbs, and got in the best shape of my life.  Sign up with her; you won't regret it!


We’ll work hard to help you change your habits, and reach your weight loss, weight management and nutritional goals. We’ll teach you about the importance of a mindset change. CanderFitness is fueled by passion, and we promise to bring that passion, energy, and motivation to each and every training session.



CanderFitness is goal-oriented. We’ll help you set goals and celebrate your successes with you.

Never too Late to get CanderFit!

Senior Citizen Community:

(65 years and older)  


CanderFitness will help you regain your strength and renew your energy. We’ll focus on strengthening your heart and lungs through cardio activities, and we’ll work on your flexibility and balance. 


CanderFitness will customize a program tailored for your individual physical fitness needs.


Are You Ready To


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It takes time to develop new disciplines.

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